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Next Stop: London, England

Where Do I Begin.. to express my love and amazing trip to London, England…

Bloody hell.


I plan to go back very soon.

In the meantime, I will share with you my itinerary of all the things I did in the 3 days I was in London.


  • Read about it here


  • After a crazy night out in London with Joey and Danielle, we woke up a tad late in the day (partially due to going to bed at 4am, but also because of jet lag). Danielle’s auntie decided to help Joey and I plan our day out with a partial hand-made map of london with all the key locations, historical sites, as well as suggestions for little shops/restaurants along the way there.
  • We began our journey through the beautiful paths of Hyde Park. Did I mention how beautiful it was? Because it was; I couldn’t manage how stunning and gorgeous it would be throughout the change of seasons. Those who walk through it daily are some very lucky chaps.
  • Joey and I got sidetracked on our way to Buckingham Palace as a huge parade for the ending of the Paralympics was in the midst of beginning. The parade was being held right in front of Buckingham Palace, so we never got to see our first iconic English building on our adventurous journey through the busy streets of London. Even the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk was blocked off for the parade. Sad face.
  • As we squeezed through the massive and excited crowds, we managed to get to one of the most historical and significant icons of London; Big Ben and the Parliament Buildings.
  • Big Ben and the Parliament Buildings are a sight to see. You get the best view from the Westminster Bridge, which is where the photo of me on the right was taken. The architecture and building itself was magnificent. A real sight to see.
  • In the central area where Big Ben and the Parliament Buildings are located is the Westminster Abby, as well as various other historical buildings. To get into any building costs money, in some cases, about 16 pounds (25 CAD) to 25 pounds (40 CAD). We decided to choose the cheaper route and take pictures from outside the building and move on. 
  • We decided to buy a ticket to go on the London Eye, which was well worth the pounds. For those who don’t know what the London Eye is, basically, it looks like a giant ferris wheel that slowly takes you up to a height where you can see an incredible view of London. I would recommend it to anyone to go on “The Eye”, basically the view is just phenomenal.
  • Afterwards, we decided to be very North American and grabbed some Starbucks and use the wi-fi to message Danielle, letting her know where we were, as well as upload pictures and message others (with out iPhones, since I still wasn’t on a british network at the time and wasn’t paying for international charges)
  • On our way back to Danielle’s aunties place, we decided to check out Covent Garden market, which was really cool. Lots of little shops, flea markets, live music playing, street performers and the roads reminded me of Old Montreal.
  • On our detour back home, we came across Trafalgar Square, which was really beautiful and extremely busy. That is where the National Art Gallery is located, however, by the time we got here, there wasn’t much time left in the day. I plan to go back to this Art gallery as it is free and showcase lots of amazing works of art; another day, another time.
  • As the parade for the paralympics began to die down, Joey and I managed to catch a peak at Buckingham palace, as well as managed to take a picture with one of the Queen’s guards.
  • We managed to get back right before night began to fall and had a lovely Indian dinner. This was our last night in London, and an early one, seeing as how Joey and I would be catching an early bus from London to Leeds; where I will be living for the next 10 months.
  • But that journey to Leeds is another story.
  • Click here for my journey to Leeds.


I was extremely happy that Joey and I were able to fly to London two days early as had been expected and stay at my friend’s aunties place in order to experience London for the first time. I was extremely grateful for my stay and will definitely be coming back to London very soon. x


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Hey England, I’ll be there in 7 hours. You still picking me up from the airport?

Where I have been? What have I been up too? Well…


My best friend Joey and I arrived in London at the Heathrow airport at around 11am, managed to get past immigration customs, and found our bags.

We were set… until we couldn’t decide to take a taxi, train or “the tube” into the centre of London (where my friend Danielle awaited our arrival).

We found the way to the tube (aka our “subway”) and took 30 mins to find Danielle just right outside of Harrod’s. If you don’t know what Harrod’s is… 1) Google it or 2) I can only describe it as the largest department store I have ever seen with almost everything and anything. So many floors from Fashion, to a Deli, to a pet store, to a candy shop. London is the only location where Harrod’s is located, so if you visit London, I suggest you check it out; mega cool.

(I will write a separate blog on my entire trip to London, just
because London, itself, had so much to see and talk about.)

Once we met Danielle near Harrod’s, we walked to her aunt’s place where we would eventually be staying for 3 days and 2 nights. Danielle’s aunt’s place was this beautiful flat in a very ritzy area. It was gorgeous and I was so thankful Joey and I were able to stay there for the days we were in London.

The first day we were in London, we decided to go to the Camdin Market, which was crazy cool. Lots of neat places to shop, eat and enjoy the british culture. The weather was extremely sunny and hot out; a hot summers day really.

Afterwards, we took a long-overdue nap and had Indian food for dinner. It was delicious.

We decided that for our first night in London, we would hit the club areas, meet some new friends (british friends, that is) and ultimately have a good night. It was indeed a good
(and crazy) night.


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Hey Leeds, I Just met you & this is crazy! Where did the time go, you stole it maybe?

Officially moving to Leeds has been officially exhausting & time-consuming. Honestly, I have no idea where the past 5 days have went.

Every day that I’ve been here, I’ve left my residence early in the morning, hit the city centre (which may I add, is breathtaking) and exploring, shopping and trying to keep in contact with my parents and friends back home. I literally just got my phone working tonight, and for the past 3 days have had no contact with the outside world, beyond the limited free wifi that was available at the local starbucks.

Now that my friend Joey has left and finally settling in, I’ll be posting about my trip to London, as well as the long, yet exciting journey to Leeds. The adventure only begins there as I spent most of my nights in Leeds going out with friends and meeting up with some british people; the best brits I know this far.

I think I’m going to like it here.

Cheers for now!

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