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Top 10 (FREE) Attractions To See In LONDON, ENGLAND

Transportation costs to London can be quite pricey (Especially if you are coming from North America, like me), however, once you get to London, there are A LOT of things, places, and events to see for FREE! That’s right! FREE! The list contains a variety of attractions from museums to shopping areas, and from historical buildings to beautiful, royal parks. One may say that the following attractions are “priceless”, because indeed, they are…


Probably the most photogenic and overly photographed site in London, Big Ben represents the worldly iconic symbol of England and is a marvellous structure to see; along side the parliament buildings as well. Capture the building itself from across the river or on the Westminister Bridge.

2) Abby Road

Iconic for being The Beatles sleeve for their 11th studio album, Abby Road is a popular tourist attraction for many (not just for any Beatles fan). Gather 3 of your friends and head to Abby Road to capture a photo of you four crossing Abby Road that will probably be your most “liked” Facebook profile picture. P.s. Click ‘Abby Road’ above to check out a live broadcast of people crossing the iconic Road.

3) Hyde Park

No matter the season, this beautiful, royal park will be that relaxing and tranquil moment you’ve been waiting for after such a stressful, yet exciting day of travelling in unknown territory.

4) Princess Diana Memorial Walk / Fountain

I have yet to visit this tourist site, but I know it’s beautiful and 100% free. It’s not far from Buckingham Palace, and so, if you are in the area, make sure you check out the memorial for Princess Diana.

5) Camden Market

Now the fourth most popular tourist attraction in London, Camden Market specializes in alternative fashion, vintage, emerging designers, and funky clothing stores, as well as unique items. It’s also a great place for people watching… if you’re into that sort of thing.

6) Harrods

It’s extremely pricey to physically buy something at Harrod’s, but to actually visit and be amazed by this humungous department store is free. Just don’t fall into temptations, especially if you’re obsessed with buying shoes; you may just walk out £3000 in debt. yeah… £3000 for a pair of shoes, or maybe just one shoe? Check out my vlog below to witness this pair of shoes at Harrods!

7) Trafalgar Square

This square is absolutely beautiful and in the heart of London. This iconic attraction has many sights to see including the National Gallery (see below) and Nelson’s Column. It is both a tourist attraction and the main focus for political demonstrations.

8) National Gallery

The National Gallery is located in Trafalgar Square and has more than 2,000 works on display from 1260 onwards. All of the great names in art history can be found here, including Raphael, Rembrandt, Renoir, Titian, Turner, Monet, Da Vinci and Van Gogh. The cost is free and it is an absolute MUST-SEE in my opinion.

9) Westminister Abby

Unfortunatly, Westminister Abby relies on admission fees from visitors to cover running costs. However! You may see the inside of the Abby for FREE for those who want to worship. The abby never charges those who want to pray or worship inside; so keep this in mind if you want to avoid paying the £16.

10) British Museum

Depending on the time you visit London, the British Museum often have free exhibitions and displays that you have to book ahead of time to see. If you visit London during a free exhibition and display event, then definitely check out the British Museum; other then specific times, unfortunately, it does cost money to visit the museum.


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Hey England, I’ll be there in 7 hours. You still picking me up from the airport?

Where I have been? What have I been up too? Well…


My best friend Joey and I arrived in London at the Heathrow airport at around 11am, managed to get past immigration customs, and found our bags.

We were set… until we couldn’t decide to take a taxi, train or “the tube” into the centre of London (where my friend Danielle awaited our arrival).

We found the way to the tube (aka our “subway”) and took 30 mins to find Danielle just right outside of Harrod’s. If you don’t know what Harrod’s is… 1) Google it or 2) I can only describe it as the largest department store I have ever seen with almost everything and anything. So many floors from Fashion, to a Deli, to a pet store, to a candy shop. London is the only location where Harrod’s is located, so if you visit London, I suggest you check it out; mega cool.

(I will write a separate blog on my entire trip to London, just
because London, itself, had so much to see and talk about.)

Once we met Danielle near Harrod’s, we walked to her aunt’s place where we would eventually be staying for 3 days and 2 nights. Danielle’s aunt’s place was this beautiful flat in a very ritzy area. It was gorgeous and I was so thankful Joey and I were able to stay there for the days we were in London.

The first day we were in London, we decided to go to the Camdin Market, which was crazy cool. Lots of neat places to shop, eat and enjoy the british culture. The weather was extremely sunny and hot out; a hot summers day really.

Afterwards, we took a long-overdue nap and had Indian food for dinner. It was delicious.

We decided that for our first night in London, we would hit the club areas, meet some new friends (british friends, that is) and ultimately have a good night. It was indeed a good
(and crazy) night.


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