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How To Survive Oktoberfest In Germany

Tip #1 – Wear checkered shirts if you want to blend in.
A checkered shirt of any colour! The majority of the men wear them with the traditional lederhosens, and the woman wear checked pattern shirts/dresses at Oktoberfest. Don’t buy any traditional Oktoberfest outfits unless you plan to come back again, regularly, or have the cash to afford them; they’re quite expensive to wear for a weekend.

Tip #2 – If you visit the city centre of Munich, you need to visit Old Peter Church!
You have to pay 1 euro to go up to the very top of the church tower and you can have an entire view of Munich! As well as the Alps on a beautiful day that we were lucky to have! It was so worth the 310 steps we had to climb to get to the top! Magnificent view!

Tip #3 – Most of the streets in Munich end with StraBe and instead of pronouncing B, you actually pronounce the s sounds.
The B is actually a “double s”! This is useful if you are trying to look for a street and ask a local where “HofbrunnstraBe” street by replacing the B sound with a double S sound; they may look at you funny or look confused when you ask them where Hofbrunnstrabe is and not Hofbrunnstrasse (speaks with fake German accent).

Tip #4 – If you get the opportunity to ride bikes through Munich, do it!
Munich is one of the few cities in Germany that have created bicycle paths within the city limits, so you don’t have to worry about getting hit my cars; most of the time! Riding through the city is beautiful and an amazing opportunity to see the city.

Tip #5 – Maybe I have just gotten use to driving on the left side of the road, but I was surprised to see that the vehicles drive on the right side of the road, as they do in North America. I think I just assumed that the rest of Europe drives on the left side of the road; but they don’t. So that’s a good tidbit of information.

Tip #6 –
If you don’t like the taste of beer, then order a drink called a Radler.
Basically, its beer and lemonade mixed together, and it tastes extremely good. Typically, its designated for woman who don’t like the taste of beer, and can tolerate it with the mixture of lemonade. I’m being honest when I say that it tastes good; so don’t NOT go to Oktoberfest because you don’t like beer; they have other options, often tastier ones.

Tip #7 – It’s extremely useful if you know some of the German language seeing as how most things are in German and not English. You would think that a vast amount of things would be in English, but it isn’t.

Tip #8 – If you get lost, or need help find places, ask younger individuals; as opposed to elderly people, even if they look like they can be of help.
Most older people who I came across didn’t know an ounce of English, nor were they nice enough to help English folk out. Avoid old people and ask for help from people your age.

Tip #9 – In terms of Transportation, Ryanair seems to be the cheapest way of flying to Munich, Germany (outskirts, remember), and taking the train into the city centre. My ticket from Edinburgh, Scotland to Munich, germany (including round-trip) was £100 and it was a last-minute trip. *Ryanair is not sponsoring me in any way; this is my personal opinion on saving money. From the airport to the train station, use the website for the Germany train system ( and take a train into Munich. This seems to be the cheapest way into Munich.


In terms of cheap accommodations and without using hostels, or couch-surfing, I would recommend using Airbnb to find a place to stay the night. Great customer service and excellent prices.

Tip #10 – Other places in Munich to visit include: Marienplatz, Alter Peter, Odeonsplatz, Old Town hall, Viktualienmarket and basically exploring the rest of the area around these beautiful locations. However, the highlight of the trip should revolve around Oktoberfest.

P.s. Although it’s called Oktoberfest, the festival actually begins in Late September and ends the first week of October.


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How I survived Ryanair

I honestly don’t know why there is so much hatred towards Ryanair.

You can’t beat the unbelievably cheap airplane tickets. My flight from Edinburgh, Scotland to Munich, Germany costs me £100 round trip. And if I had booked the week before, it probably would have been £60 round trip. That’s crazy cheap!

I had been set up to believe that they have insanely strict guidelines and regulations, but in all honesty, they don’t. Yes I couldn’t bring my blowtorch on board, or bring any weapons aboard, but what airline does?

I was told they herd you into a plane like cattle and treat you horribly, but the flight attendants and rest of the crew were really nice. We also arrived 10 mins earlier then expected which was a bonus.

They state that 90% of their flights arrive on time, which (according to them) make them the #1 airline that has the best on-time record.

I had a two-hour plane ride and slept the whole way with music playing, so I’m unsure how the plane ride actually was. They have advertisements all over the plane and advertise any and every product possible almost every 5 mins (or like it seemed). They will try to get you to buy their £5 water as well as expensive cigarettes (even though you can’t smoke on a plane); so just plug in your music and block them out.

All in all, I survived my first Ryanair experience and I didn’t have any problems. Being a student, anything that can save me money, including airplane tickets that you can often get for even £16, will have no issues with me.

The only tips I can give when flying with Ryanair for the first time is pack light (like just bring a backpack or rucksack), because checking bags can be costly. Make sure you check-in online 7 days to 4 hours before departure and print off your ticket on your computer. Get in line at the gate as soon as you can because most seats are not reserved and you can choose where you want to sit on the plane. There is no terminal that you go down that is connected to a plane (which I’m use too); instead you will make your way outside and board the plane like your a prime minister or some royal individual. Don’t buy anything on the plane; get your drinks, food or reading material at the shops in the airport.

If you don’t want to be treated somewhat like cattle (which I personally don’t think you do) then I would advise you to go with another airline (maybe Easyjet? It’s also decent pricing), but if you want to go somewhere in Europe for a weekend or week and able to pack everything you may need in a backpack, then save a few hundred pounds and go with Ryanair!

If you can even book ahead early, you may even get cheap tickets beyond your wildest imagination.


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