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Lincoln, England – Things To See And Do In Lincoln

332715_10152460692440032_627498020_o Last week I got the oppourtunity to go on a day trip to the historical and quaint town of Lincoln, located in Lincolnshire in England.

My Top Five Favourite Things To Do and See in Lincoln ==========================================================

1) Steep Hill 289715_10152460696330032_2076567264_o READY FOR SOME EXERCISE? Good! Because that is indeed what you will get by walking up this well-known hill! Named after it’s steepness, this hill contains a variety of little shops selling a variety of used books, homemade chocolates and sweets, as well as restaurants! Steep hill is a lovely old street that is easier going down it, then up it! However, to get to the Lincoln Cathedral and Castle, one of the ways is to go up Steep Hill (or take the bus up… but that’s a secret I’ll never tell).

2) Lincoln Castle One of my favourite sights, and the place where I spent most of my day was the very beautiful and historic Lincoln Castle. The castle is also steeped in history and is located straight across from the cathedral. It’s around £4 for students to enter and £6 for adults and the pass is good all day. Within the castle walls, they have a beautiful court building which is still being used today, as well as the Lincoln prison! Not only can you walk along the historical castle walls and get amazing photos of the Cathedral and the town of Lincoln in general, but you can also get a free guided tour of the castle that was extremely informative of the castle and of Lincoln in general. One of the castle’s largest attractions would be the exhibition where one of the four remaining Magna Carta’s resides. It was really interesting to learn about the Magna Carta and the history surrounding the important document, and not to mention, actually seeing it! The Castle was one of my favourite places to visit in Lincoln and I highly recommend it! 798192_10152460691455032_1648737385_o 3) Lincoln Cathedral of St. Mary Standing on top of Steep hill stands the magnificent and well-constructed cathedral of Lincoln. This is a must-see when visiting Lincoln as the inside (as well as outside) is carved in enormous amount of detail. The rose windows and stained-glass is also a beautiful sight to see. You get to see the majority of the cathedral, however, you unfortunately have to pay to see the front alter, choir and chapels, however, you can attend a service and avoid paying the 6 pound price. The cathedral is very atmospheric, and darkening. This cathedral is steeped in history and have been told it’s well worth paying for the audio guide. 287066_10152460696340032_2081610415_o 553021_10152460691860032_1657876103_n4) Museum of Lincolnshire Life As explained by a few locals and highly recommended by others, this museum located next to the Ellis Mill, and in the close proximity of the Cathedral and Castle, is a gem for vistors! In addition to it’s very historic and informative journey of the Lincolnshire life, it also comes at a cheap price of FREE. Yes, that’s right. Free museums are the best, especially if you have a family and have to pay those often ridiculous museum prices! ~Beware that the museum is closed on Sundays.

5) Ellis Windmill Located behind the Museum of Lincolnshire Life is Ellis Windmill! Dated back since 1798, this unique windmill is still in full working order and ran by a group of devoted volunteers! It’s a sight to see, especially since this was the first historic windmill I have seen in England.


Honourable Mentions To Do and See in Lincoln

The Usher Gallery

Medieval Bishop Palace

Jews’ House and Jews’ Court

Brayford Waterfront

Royal Air Force Museum

Do you ever plan on visiting Lincoln or have you already been there? If so, what was your favourite part of Lincoln? Any recommendations for future travellers?

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My Never-Ending Traveling


Sitting on the edge of the world ~ Ireland

Since my two weeks in Ireland, I have literally been traveling non-stop, and have been lacking in posts. For this I apologize. However, I have so much to share and so much to show from my 45 days of traveling in the UK and rest of Europe.

The experiences I have to share include being in a film in London, having an emotional experience in Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland, and spending Christmas and NYE away from my friends and family back home.

The people I have met, the stories I could tell, and the experiences I can share all come down to a vast amount of photos, videos and words.

I will share my words and photos on my website, but if you want to keep up-to-date on my pictures…
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Also, to watch my travel videos, check out my youtube channel:

I thought I would share with you in chronological order, of the places and countries I have visited in the past month. (Click the cities once the blogs are available to view)


  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Bruges, Belgium
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Uttendorf, Austria
  • London, England
  • The Peak District, England
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Krakow, Poland


I will be visiting many more places in the near future, so stay tuned! 2013 will be an even bigger year for me!
~ Ryan

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Bucket List Achievement: Take a Spontaneous Trip Anywhere

Well… This was a spontaneous trip! My best friend Joey from Canada (who flew me to England in September for school) decided to come visit me on during his holidays off work. We decided that we wanted to go somewhere spontaneous and where we’ve never been before in Europe. We downloaded a map of Europe on my iPhone, closed my eyes and my figure landed on… Well… you guessed it… Paris!

We booked a flight to Paris two nights before departure on the Tuesday and our return to Scotland for Saturday. 1) That means we have 4 days and 4 nights in Paris! 2) Joey also wanted to see Scotland before he left back to Canada, hence the return in Scotland.

20121129-021031 PM.jpg
We left Leeds after my French class (I know right?) around noon and got a bus to the Liverpool where we would be catching our plane at the John Lennon Airport. Our flight left at 5:45pm England time and landed in Paris 8:15pm France time! This is taking into account that there was a 1 hour time difference . We flew with Easyjet and it was just as cheap and decent as Ryanair. I was content and didn’t have as many advertisements.


We arrived at Charles de Gaulle which was the Paris airport (among many) and we had to take the metro from the airport to the center of Paris where we would be staying. We got to our accommodations around 10:30pm and were welcomed with a friendly smile and kind greetings from a lovely Parisian couple who let us rent their living room for us to stay for a cheap price!

20121129-021059 PM.jpg


Those who rather save money and stay with locals, as opposed to expensive hotels or somewhat more expensive hostels, check out Airbnb! Great website for saving money on accommodations and getting tips and advice about the city and attractions from local people.

We talked for an hour or so, and the couple told us of all the interesting (as well as touristy) places to go in Paris and even provided a map of how to get to all the places. They were absolutely lovely.

There wasn’t much of a language barrier, and we learned some more French and I’m sure they learned some more English as well! They even said we were there first English-speaking guests, so We were quite honored to be there guest for the 4 nights!

Joey and I unpacked, showered and decided that the next day we would somewhat wing it (since it was a spontaneous trip) and walk around Paris and (hopefully!) come across as many attractions and touristy sites as possible! Then, we slept in our bed, in an old Parisian flat, which had old large keys like from the movie Hugo, and fell asleep to the natural sounds of Paris.

Check out my youtube channel for my Paris videos!
Check out my other Paris blogs here:

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Next Stop: The Lake District

Off to the Lake District! And no, it wasn’t affiliated with the Hunger Games; trust me, I wish it was. With giant, attacking swans surrounding the area, I felt like I was already nominated to be Tribute; but not really.

The Lake District was extremely beautiful. I mean B-E-A-U-TIFUL. It’s one of those places that you really have to spend a nice, long weekend up there to really see as many sights, and experience many wonders.

After a late night out on the town, I managed to get out of bed at 7am, and catch my bus at 8:30. The bus ride was approx. 2 hours and on the bus ride there, I met some new friends; which is always awesome. We arrived to a cloudy, misty, and yet gorgeous view of Lake Windermere. The Lake District is so vast, with so many little towns, hills, and sights to see that we were only able to venture around Windermere and Bowness-on-Windermere. This was potentially the most touristy place to visit.


After chilling with some giant swans, we began our trek from Bowness-on-Windermere to the town of Windermere. The pubs didn’t open til 12, so by the time we walked all the way to Windermere, the pubs were open, and we all got lunch. We ended up meeting a Canadian and an American at the pub, who were pretty chill and eventually travelled with us for the rest of the day.

Being the tour guide of the pack (since I do a bunch of research of the places I visit, and write down all the places I want to see), I led everyone to a mountain/hill called Orrest Head, where I read that the view was said to be absolutely amazing. The trek up the hill was honestly a walk in the park, and with the leaves changing colours, the paths up the hill felt like I was back home in Ontario. This time of year at home, I would be going on nature walks with my dogs and family. Just going through these nature trails in England made me feel great that I was experiencing my traditional nature walks, but at the same time, missed my family and animals.


As we hiked up the hill, we came to a path where a Donkey was waiting to be given attention. We called hime Eddie, and quoted lines from Shrek; he was adorable.


~Sometimes life is so busy, you don’t have time to stop and smell the leaves.

This is a quote that really hits close to home. This was finally a day to relax from my busy life style and really enjoy the scenery. A time of serenity. And It was.

We reached the top of the summit, and were all just taken back on how gorgeous and awe-inspiring the view was. This was another time where you just feel on top of the world and feel infinite.


Before we trekked up the hill, my friend Kristen brought up the idea of summit brews, which is basically buying alcohol and bringing it with you as you climb the summit. Once you reach the top, you crack open the brews and celebrate! This is exactly what we did. We’re classy like that.

Once we took everything in, we journeyed down the hill and through the countryside, eventually walking along Lake Windermere back to Bowness-on-Windermere to do one more thing that we wanted to do while at the Lake District. And it wasn’t to play with the swans; even though we ended up doing that.



Well… rent one for an hour. But still.
We had our own boat to drive on Lake Windermere, which was just phenomenal.

Because there were 8 of us, we had to split into two boats, which was an awesome idea, because we spent that hour racing, playing chinese fire drill (where you hop out of one boat and switch into the other one…without falling into the water), and pretty much playing bumper cars. It was an fun time, and a liberating experience.

Who gets the chance to drive boats in England? This kid!

Of course we broke into song a few times, especially with I’M ON A BOAT!

We could have paid £7.50 for a boat cruise around the lake, but instead got a really good deal with driving boats ourselves, which was only £6 and a lot more fun!

The day was short, but the spectacular views and good times made at the Lake District that day were memories I’ll remember forever.

~ Ryan

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Check Out My Travel Videos!

What have I been up to this glorious October week? Well…

I started to study… wait, what? Yeah, that’s right! I actually go to school!
I’ve realized that after all the vast amounts of trips that I have embarked on… I NEED TO GET TO WORK! The non-existing pile of schoolwork has grown into has grown into this grotesque heap of essays and readings. Ew.

Besides actually doing work, I’ve been planning my christmas vacations and various other travels, which I will be keeping a secret for now… That’s a secret I’ll never tell! x

ALSO! I’ve finally edited my videos for my youtube channel, in which I will upload “vlogs” of my travels and for my family and friends to see what I’m seeing, and for them to live vicariously through me, if they wanted too.

So, if you would like to check out my videos on where I am, and what I’m doing in London, Oktoberfest, and Scotland: Check out my channel here!


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