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This post is more or less for my family and friends back home as a way to update them on when and where I will be during my holiday vacation!

December 7th – Last Day of Classes!

December 8th til 19th – Traveling All of Ireland with my Australian friend Freya!

December 20th til 23rd – Traveling to Belgium, and visiting Bruges & Brussels with my Belgian friend Caroline and fellow Queens friend Savannah!

December 24th til 27th – Spending Christmas with Savannah & reunited with Freya in Berlin, Germany!

December 27th til 30th – Traveling to Austria, seeing Vienna and going skiing with my other fellow Queens friend Kirsten in her cousins winter cabin!

December 30th – Fly back to the UK

December 31st – Spending New Years Eve in Edinburgh!!


Now that I have actually written all my travel plans down… I’m actually overwhelmed on how much I am traveling over the Christmas season! The realized why I wanted to travel so much… It’s so I’m constantly busy, and thus keeping my mind off the fact that I won’t be back home in Canada for Christmas with my family and friends. As I won’t be home for Christmas, I figured I’d treat myself with all the money I’m saving from flying back to Canada, and then back to the UK, that I would travel in Europe over the Christmas break, and this is what I will be doing.

Keep checking back to my blog for recent updates, as I will be blogging as I travel this holiday season! 🙂
Also, Have a listen to my personal Christmas music playlist here!

Cheers, Ryan.

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Falling For Autumn ❤ Fall Music Playlist

It’s that time of year where all you want to do is go on nature walks, watch the leaves change colour and cozy up to a warm cup of pumpkin spice latte.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, it is indeed the Fall season.

This is a change of season like no other, and it is indeed, my most favourite time of the year.

A time for cool, crisp weather, the crunchy sounds and feelings of leaves between your hands and feet. Days like these call for a jog through the park or nature walks with your family, dogs, or friends.

Personally, along with the change of colours and weather, comes a change in musical tastes; a autumn playlist if you will.

You can listen to my Fall/Autumn mix here:

Tracks Include: 

1901 – Pheonix

Change Of Seasons – Sweet Thing

We’re Going To Be Friends – The White Stripes

Little Lion Man – Mumford and Sons

Paradise – Coldplay

Young Folks – Peter Bjorn and John

Farewell To The Fairground – White Lies

The A Team – Ed Sheeran

Demons – Imagine Dragons

Charlie Brown – Coldplay


Whether it’s going for a walk, or chilling at home, this is my favourite playlist for the Fall season.


Leave a comment below!


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