All Aboard! Next Stop. London, England.

If I could offer any sort of advice when it comes to moving away for a year, or just traveling in general… It would be to NOT PACK THE DAY BEFORE. Kinda obvious. However, not so obvious for this guy. I’m a last-minute kind of guy.

I had everything EVERYWHERE; All in neat, organized piles… just not packed into my luggage’s. Another piece fo advice when packing would be to buy SPACE BAGS. Basically they are these vacuum sealed bags (kinda like big Ziploc bags) that literally suck out all the air and unused and unnecessary space in your luggage’s. My friend Savannah mentioned to me over a Skype call and I thank her for doing so. They are a HUGE space saver, and in my case, life savour, as they made a lot more room available for more stuff to cram.

Overall, packing was fun. The stress of worrying about million other things, not so much. Along with packing, I had to make sure I had all the proper documentation ready for the UK agency border when I would finally land in the UK, as well as all my clothes, toiletries, electronics, electronic cords, power converters, and the list goes on and on.

My mother and her fiance drove me and my best friend Joey (who is accompanying me as well as traveling with me for the next week or so) to the Ottawa Airport. We went out for a very dinner, and came to realize that it would be my very last meal in Canada for a long time.

On the way to the airport, I met up with my dad who drove me the rest of the way in his mustang, for one last time… until next summer, of course. When we got to the airport, emotions and tears were in the air…port. As I had to say goodbye to my parents for one last time, things started to get emotional. We took some pictures before I left to catch my flight and said our farewells. Since I won’t be coming home for Christmas, this would be the last time they will see me until I flew back home next June.

Goodbyes, hugs, and kisses were given right before I entered the security gates leaving my parents behind. I know they’re happy & excited for me, but seeing there only child move away to another country for 9 months would be tough. I’m not an hour drive away anymore (how far my uni was from home), I’m literally a 7 hour flight away.

All in all, it was tough, but had to be done. It doesn’t even feel like I’m going to be gone for 9 months; it just feels like a trip. Get on an airplane and travel the UK for a bit, and come home…but things won’t be like that. I’ll be living in a whole different country for a long time, by my self, with nothing but Skype and Facebook to keep in contact with family & friends back home. I’m super excited, but I know it’ll be tough.

This journey will allow me to grow as an independent individual, and encounter a whole new experience that I would have never had if I didn’t apply for this school exchange.

As of now, I am currently waiting my airplane to start boarding passengers, and I can’t wait to begin a whole new life, in a whole new country.

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2 thoughts on “All Aboard! Next Stop. London, England.

  1. Ryan this rocks!! I am sure it’ll make your mom cry!!

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